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How Covid19 Has Affected the Use of Cannabis

Is it safe to take cannabis during coronavirus disaster? It is right. Most of the people have been puzzled whether the use of cannabis put them at more risk of covid19. What you should know is that during this pandemic, you need to be healthy both mentally and physically. Consumption of cannabis will provide you with both benefits. If you were previously taking weed before the emergence of the disaster, then you should not stop.

Consumption of weed has many benefits; however, there are some practices among the users that can increase your chances of getting the virus. Remember that the best way to stop the spread of the pandemic is by observing social distance. However, this was not observed by the past users of cannabis as they used to pass the joint, vaporizer, and the pen. When you are smoking, ensure that you are adhering to the recommended hygiene practices. Smoking of weed generally involves people coming together to meditate. These gatherings have been prohibited in most of the states. It is recommended that you consume and enjoy weed at your home.

It is vital to note that most of the people who use medicinal marijuana already have a preexisting condition. Therefore when you are visiting a dispensary, you should take precautions as you might be standing nears someone whose health is already compromised. You should follow the WHO guideline when you are in these places. These include sanitizing, wearing a mask, and keeping a distance of 1.5m from the other persons.

Use of cannabis is essential in the reduction of the pain and inflammation that is associated with the flu and coronavirus. You should smoke marijuana moderately if already you have contracted any of the respiratory diseases. The upper respiratory system will be slightly affected when you smoke marijuana. The symptoms of coronavirus will increase when you smoke aloft of cannabis. Therefore moderation is key when you are using marijuana while you are sick.

In most of the state, marijuana stores and dispensary are still open. The the reason is that these outlets have been considered by the government that they are part of the health system; many people rely on the medicinal marijuana every day for their wellbeing. It is also vital that you remember that the selling of the recreational marijuana has been stopped in some states. It is vital to note that the selling of the medicinal marijuana is continuing. In some of the states, it is only delivery of marijuana that is allowed. It is vital that you check the website of the dispensary to determine its closing hours.

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